Storm or Silver-Lining?

Which part of you is seeing clouds in the sky? The part that sees clouds as an impending storm with rain and lightning? Leading on to discomfort, with consequences  of…..  being drenched? Floods? Land-slips? Snow storm? Power outage? Difficulties?   Or The part that sees the silver lining to the clouds? Grandeur and beauty in the… Read More

Where on this see-saw do you sit today?

  Right this moment, where do your eyes place you on this see-saw?  From -10 to +10 What does this picture say to you? I have been exploring further questions too and I’d like to share some with you. These questions have shown me how my view of the world colors what I see. As you… Read More

How is the Personal Garden which is your life?

Your health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual All the people in your life – how you are treated and how you treat others What you do – the work [paid or unpaid], recreation, hobbies, all activities How you do it The energy of money flowing in and out The places you live, work and play   What sort of Personal Garden do… Read More

From Here to There, Part 3

  Welcome to part 3 of the journey to live the life you’d love!   In Part 3, we’ll look at where we are now  and then we can develop a way to get to where we would prefer.  In part 1 we clarified who and what would be in the life we’d love to… Read More

What could the life you’d REALLY love to live look like?

Let’s explore using a star to guide us. After many changes in my life, I now look for a ‘better place or feeling’ each time I see change happening – be it the new year, or role in life or anything else. I find it easier to look at different parts of life one at a time:… Read More