WANTED: test-drivers for a NEW, SHORT PROGRAM,
“Retirement In A Life You Love”!

Discover how to:

  • find a clear idea of what the life you’d love contains
  • create a picture of it that is comfortable for you
  • make a path to living that life
  • see what could be just over the horizon
  • bring resources you already have to support your journey
  • take the first steps along your path from your current situation to a more fulfilling one

 Who is this program for?

You, if you are:

  • Looking to retire
  • Newly retired
  • Questioning whether you are ready for this next stage of your life

And you want to cruise through this change to a life you love.

Program Content:

In this program you will receive:

  • Webinars where you explore your possible options and paths
  • On-demand replays
  • Ideas notebooks, templates + more

There is a whole lot more to the retirement life you’d love beyond sorting out your money. This program is focused around ‘what next?’ – money or not; a lot or little. The life you’d love to live.

What does it mean to participate in testing this Pilot Program?

It means that you get to take this awesome program at no charge. Instead you get to explore your own journey using this program in exchange for

  • your honest & constructive feedback through surveys.
  • You will be asked for a testimonial

There is no fee – for a short time only.

You will receive information about the program you have tested

Your privacy will be honored and your information not shared with others.

Who is running this program?

I, Heather Powell, have taught personal development through yoga and meditation for many years.

As I move towards retirement age I see the same concerns as many people when we look forward.

There are techniques available to smooth the way which I and others have found helpful. So I put them together as a program and offer it to you now.

Pilot Program starts in January, 2017.

If this sounds like you – because you’re about to retire, are considering retirement or are not sure whether you’re ready to retire – then hit the big APPLY button below – spaces are strictly limited so make sure you’re in – hit APPLY now.


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