Move from stress to relief and enjoy life more – start now!

How wonderful – you prioritized your well-being and are here for a short recharge relaxation practice. You deserve to feel vital, enthusiastic, full of life.

Take the first step today. Listen to the first audio in the FREE series, a 2 minute recharge practice.


[Audio may take a second to start]


Research shows great benefit with frequent, quick recharges during the day – much more so than saving up to recharge on the weekend. Whenever you feel low is a good time to listen and recharge.

The MP3 audio can be used often – better even than coffee!  Put it on your phone/device home page so you see it when you are spiraling into stress and can immediately do something to change it.   [Go to ‘menu, then ‘add to home screen’. Find the ‘W’ logo on one of your home screens and move it to your primary screen where you will see it]


Heather PowellWhy have I [Heather ] created these programs?

After many years teaching meditation and yoga

  • to the public
  • in yoga ashrams
  • in a hospital
  • at a natural therapies college
  • and training teachers to take this wonderful knowledge out into their worlds too

the number one reason I saw people come to classes was searching for relief from stress and its consequences.

Relieving stress allows our natural vitality and joy to resurface. I love seeing people feeling better!

I have since explored current-day understanding of a flourishing life through Positive Psychology and assorted new age tools and techniques – many with clear roots in the ancient wisdom.

Combining this understanding with that of the ancient masters led me to create programs to integrate into the fabric of modern-day life so more people can “not just survive but thrive!”.

Maybe you too can benefit from the wisdom and practices, bringing, not just relief, but real joy into your life too.

May you and your life flourish!