Gorgeous rainbow light beets

We love this type of silver-beet! Rainbow lights [or chard] are gorgeous, vibrant, shining plants in the garden – a real joy to look at. They also provide homes for predators of pests. Check carefully when picking leaves as there may be preying mantis sheltering under the leaf. Gently encourage it to move nearby to continue its… Read More

Our first new bed in a new home – so happy!

It may be on a clay base – we can convert it to productive beds anyway. Lots of gypsum, compost, and potting mix. Set up a frame for a bird-netting cage to protect new seeds and seedlings from birds and cats [we don’t have either but they sure come visiting from the neighbourhood]. Plant seeds… Read More

Our best raised beds

Our best raised beds were easy to construct, are easy to garden in, and are weed free. The plants grew really well and vegies were ready early, with good size and taste. The bases have wooden slat frames with overlapping joints, and were a bit over 2m×1m in size. Each bed was quick to put… Read More