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Why have I [Heather ] created these programs?Heather-1

After many years teaching meditation and yoga

  • to the public
  • in yoga ashrams
  • in a hospital
  • at a natural therapies college
  • and training teachers to take this wonderful knowledge out into their worlds too

I saw people come to classes searching for 2 things:

  • meaning in their lives so they could live the life they’d love
  • relief from stress and its consequences from not living a thriving life

Relieving stress allows our natural vitality and joy to resurface. I love seeing people feeling better!

Yet, it wasn’t enough so I expanded my exploration into Positive Psychology and other tools and techniques. They have clear roots in the ancient wisdom so more people can “not just survive but thrive”.

I find sharing expertise, skill and interest as you develop your life into a flourishing place for body, mind and soul gives me great joy. My background in coaching, counselling, meditation, yoga and other modalities provide insights and unique perspectives to stream-line the way forward.

Living the life we’d love is a key part of thriving – and the path to live this life can become easier as we focus attention to clarifying what we truly want.

From these sources, I created a system to find and live the life you’d REALLY love.

A simple, clear system with a step-by-step guide so it becomes easy and enjoyable to find and explore our own unique journey in life.


Life can be like a garden, so I also share about the gardens we grow.

I love growing things!  I always have – for as long as I can remember so it was no surprise to my family when I picked ecology at university.  It drew on a whole raft of biological sciences – such a feast of knowledge.

My partner’s job has taken us to different places in Australia and New Zealand.  This means that I’ve had to reprogram myself every time we moved: just because I had success with one thing before didn’t mean it was going to succeed again.

With over 30 years of fascination and experience growing food gardens in diverse places I understand better what grows where.

In temperate Melbourne, Australia [cold, wet winters, hot, dry summers] as I grew up, I remember feeling wonder at dwarf bean flowers, baby beans and full-size beans on one plant in my grandparents garden. Now I knew where beans came from! The fascination set in.

I discovered the best times to plant our favourite veg – then found it different in semi-arid Canberra where I learnt the impact of frost, snow and summer heat waves.

In lush, cool temperate Taranaki, New Zealand I learnt about the abundant joy of nature when water is freely available.

Then in semi-tropical Auckland adding warmth to the water grows wonderful bananas side by side with cold-loving apple trees – such abundance so easily available was amazing to me.

I learnt that each place is different and each is capable of producing high-yielding food gardens when we work with nature.  Climate, soil, aspect and structures all affect local micro-climates so every place is unique. What works for someone else or somewhere else is a guide only and each garden is its own experiment. It can be such a thrill to explore.


I love experimenting – in life and in the garden. Maybe you would too now?

I hope this helps you better understand nature’s magic and bring you more enjoyment growing your own life and garden.


Tips for flourishing food garden and a flourishing life are regularly shared from my Facebook pages and explored in more detail in my blog.

Thanks for exploring life and our garden with me.

May you and your life flourish!

I’m Heather from HeatherKPowell.com