Why DO we do what we do?

Such an interesting question!


Is it because we LOVE WHAT WE ARE DOING? 

We are

  • Curious, intrigued, fascinated?
  • Enjoying simple pleasures of life? (including food, movement)
  • Engaged in something with ALL our attention – in ‘flow’ or in ‘the zone’, inspired
  • Really ‘present’ in each moment as it unfolds; and the next, and the next – the moments of our life. ‘Being here now’
  • Appreciating our surroundings, people in our life, the tapestry of life events?
  • ‘Following our bliss’
  • Looking forward in a positive way!



Is it because we DON”T WANT SOMETHING BAD to happen? 

For example

  • We don’t want to deal with change and it’s complications
  • We don’t want to feel left out by others
  • We see bad consequences if we say ‘No’ – eg to a boss
  • We exercise so we don’t have problems with ‘XYZ’ disease/health problem
  • We avoid ‘ABC’ food because it causes ‘XYZ’ disease
  • Or we eat certain foods to protect us so we don’t get ‘XYZ’ disease.


Are we eating, exercising, meditating, living because it feels GOOD to care for ourselves

– or do we really mean

so we don’t degenerate, get old fast, get ‘XYZ’ disease”?

Where is the focus?

  • On wellness?
  • Or on avoiding disease, suffering, pain?

Another example:
“I do this exercise so I can sleep well.”
OR: “If I don’t exercise I’ll have trouble sleeping.”

Such small changes in the words – could it really be important?


What does a ‘Healthy Life’ feel like to you? Or what does it mean to you?

Worth some reflection – specially if this is a new perspective for you. Or maybe you’ve thought about this before – there is a choice to go for the positive or to avoid something instead – in which case, I find it helpful to be reminded when I forget.


And, how does this also fit in with the way ‘like attracts like’? The ‘buy a red car and you see lots of similar cars‘ effect?


Let’s explore 2 examples:

Ever had a time when something wonderful happened for you – a lovely moment, and another lovely thing happened, and another – just one of those great days when things unfold in wonderful ways? Maybe you were out for a walk in a lovely place, and other people interacted so positively with you, and the world seemed to brim with goodness as one positive thing led to another?


Sometimes we do ‘all the right things’ for a healthy, happy life, yet difficulties happen. We get a health problem or relationship problem, or maybe our building work has a shonky outcome and we are unhappy.


If the universal energies responds to focus, and don’t recognize ‘not that’,

when we say ‘we don’t want XYZ‘, what is the Universe aligning with?

– exactly what we don’t want!


So the more we try to prevent a problem, the stronger the pull bringing the problem!

  • The more we act to avoid an unpleasant situation, the more it arises.
  • The more we see it in our surroundings.
  • The more people in our life act in these ways we disapprove of.

We are still linked to the issue.

See  how come the reason we do things matters so very, very much?
It remains with us as
the VERY STRONG focus underneath the surface.


Even choosing who we vote for.

Is it because we REALLY  WANT what they stand for?
Or because we REALLY DON’T WANT something else????

When we ‘push against’ something, the energy of our ‘push’ actually adds fuel to it.


So how can we do life differently if we want to?

Here are some ideas:

  • Notice THOUGHTS and ACTIONS, then try peeking underneath into the real drivers. 
  • NOTICE how we feel about an issue. Is it a positive, drawing us forward? or does it feel uncomfortable?
  • Feelings are wonderful guides – when we look carefully
  • Deliberately, CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE actions now that we have more understanding of the positive and negative drivers drawing experiences to us
  • Look for the positive features PULLING US FORWARD into things we love
  • See our surroundings and the people around us as a MIRROR reflecting information to us so we can develop more insight into underlying driving forces. Then we can choose what we really prefer.


Any of these ways sound like they might switch on a light for you?  To give ways for you to gain more insight too?

Could it be useful to apply this knowledge in daily life? 

Is there an area of life or a particular circumstance that springs to your mind you could benefit from trying this out on? Some small issue? To test your new-found knowledge?

Some people look at how they ‘do’ recreation. Or how they view food. Or exercise.

Best wishes with exploring from this new perspective!
May it support your journey along your path of wellness and a joyful life.


Next post, we’ll look at some other simple ways to move towards a life we really love.


– – –

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