What have been the highlights of this year for your life?

As the cycle of the year draws towards completion is a great time to notice highlights. 

They can give great insights to steer the course of your life. 


Did your year FLOW SMOOTHLY?





What have been the HIGHS for you?



What OPPORTUNITIES have you seen?

– whether you picked them up this year or put them on a ‘that’s interesting’ list?



What EXTENDED YOU, stretched your abilities?



WHO came into your life? And who moved on?



What else?
Maybe there were other EVENTS? THOUGHTS? FEELINGS? WISHES?



This information can help craft a future you’d REALLY LOVE to live.  It tells what you enjoyed so you can put more of it in your future. You CAN create more of what you like in your future.


Here’s a short video  I made exploring this:

A star to guide you to the Life You'd Love to Live - pt1

Or, would you like to explore highlights of the year more fully?

Here’s a template for you to use: download the PDF [a free gift]


And, if like me, you like to explore even further,

How can we have more of the life we’d love when our CURRENT LIFE is not that?

The current reality each of us is living has been unfolding from the sub-conscious drivers of our past.

Often it feels as though we have no control over our experience of ‘NOW’ as we have been unconscious of the accumulation, bit by bit, of these driving forces. They get stronger and stronger, until they are sufficient LARGE that we notice the effects.


one little point of focus ⇒ MORE FOCUS ⇒ EVEN MORE FOCUS ⇒ STRONG FOCUS!


You CAN actively contribute to your own future! If you explore the ideas you have just collected in this short year-review, you can make a huge difference to HOW you approach your life into the future; and in the outcome!

When we focus on what we REALLY want, that focus seems to bring other similar things for us to see/do/have too. So our life moves more towards our own special, unique wonderful path.

Where we put our attention is so relevant I wrote a post showing more clearly how to choose a focus – here’s the link.


May you craft a future which is wonderful, terrific, fantastic –  the life you’d love for the unique person who is YOU!  

You are the only one who can do this for you, no-one else can. Ready to start on your best year yet?

[PS – You DO deserve it – even when you don’t feel it could be true!]


Hope some of these perspectives give you confidence to try small experiments to bring more of what you want into your life. 

Here’s to your flourishing life!

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