Your quick 2 min life-saver in the festive season mayhem!


Like a little relief in the December rush?

Suddenly I realize its just 2 weeks to Christmas and we are swinging into the festive season!

Hope you are sailing through, enjoying every minute.

Or are you fitting more into a busy life and wilting/struggling through?


You deserve to feel vital, enthusiastic, full of life now too! Here is a quick way.

This audio MP3 is just 2 min long – worth it’s weight in gold – do try it!

2 minutes only!


To listen to the audio click the ‘play’ arrow on the bar below:

[Audio may take a second to start]


Or download your own copy:

Right-click [Windows] or ctrl-click [Mac] and select ‘save file as’

Add it to your phone home-screen so you can recharge in 2 minutes whenever you wish.

2 minute Recharge: download here 


Use it often to relax, recharge and re-vitalize body and mind – even better than coffee! 



Have you clicked the link? No sign-up needed, just relief – you deserve it.

You CAN spare 2 min for your well-being!


Please do go ahead and click the link, close your eyes and rest for 2 min.

Frequent, quick recharges during the day give far higher well-being than saving up to recharge on the weekend. Whenever you feel low is a good time to listen and recharge.

May you too revitalize, bounce back and really enjoy the festive season. 

I’d love to hear how you use this technique, do let me know below!

May you and your life flourish!


PS If this short 2 min recharge helped you enjoy your days more, you might like to try some of our other relaxation/recharge audio practices too – they are good too! Here’s the link.


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