Cherry blossoms – bringing inspiration into your life?

Why DO cherry blossoms grow at all?

So prolific
So temporary
So beautiful

cherry blossom 2015From bare branches, dead-looking trees, uninspiring and not very attractive – absolute delight bursts forth!

Unfolding petal by petal into delicate, pale-pink, frilly blossoms.
Like tiny ballerina dresses [tutus?]

And so many flowers clustered together on branches.

All hanging down-wards so we see them best as we look upwards …

asking us to raise up our eyes from the ground of daily life and see the beauty of a broader view?

Then some green leaves also unfurl and the tree begins to produce its needs through photosynthesis once more. To provide nutrients to support living life as a tree.

And …  there’s a carpet of petals on the ground, then … gone.

alternative ways to have great thoughts and solutions

For such a short time, the prolific bunches of tiny flowers dominate the scene before the tiny petals fade and fall.

What is the point?

The petals are so tightly packed that insects wold have trouble accessing pollen or nectar. So these trees aren’t using beautiful flowers for producing offspring, next generations, continuity of the species.

?? So why spend all the energy of the tree to produce these blossoms? Even if people have selected for blossoms over fruit, and are keeping the variety going, it is the tree doing the work!


Sheer beauty? … to be wondered at, appreciated, enjoyed?? 

Which part of me delights in the beauty of these blossoms?

My physical eyes are just like a camera – take a picture and send it elsewhere to decode and edit.

My thinking mind decodes the information. It likes naming things – to label ‘cherry blossom’. Yet, as I gaze on these temporary blossoms, does the delight I feel arise from this thinking mind?

There is also another part of me which does take delight in this magical blossoming. The dimension of ‘Me’ which really can relate with, and enjoy, beauty. This part of me is real. Feels wonderful. Accessing this dimension of ‘Me’ – now that’s something worth exploring!

Is recognizing and appreciating beauty of these glorious blossoms a way I can connect more with this part of ‘Me’?


When I look at the blossoms – really look

  • A smile comes to my face.
  • My gaze softens.
  • My heart opens.
  • I relax.

This feels so nice!

Maybe you could also have a close look at one now:

2013-10-16 16.47.43-1


How important is it to feel these nice feelings?

When we feel good, we are supporting the body functions of well-being, of repair and cellular renewal. It’s nice to have a body which works well and we can enjoy exploring life in this amazing reality on planet Earth.

So – we have choices.

If we want to have more of “feeling good” in life, one way is to choose to look for beauty.

Cherry blossom time puts beauty right out in full view, exuberant abundance! So maybe we can notice it, even when, other times, head down trudging through life, we miss seeing beauty which is always around in some shape or form.

As I notice beauty around – there is always SOMETHING I can appreciate – I allow that part of me to contribute which is often over-looked, ignored, forgotten. This is the part of me which can make life worth living!

And I can access this part of me by seeing beauty then another thing of beauty, and another, and another …

Over time, I make it my pattern to see beauty around me … Which changes how I see the world.

Does this also change my world?   YES!

I no longer accept that I lack choices in my world. That I must put up with whatever is dished up to me.

No matter where I am at this moment,

the cherry blossoms bursting from apparently dead branches remind me of
re-birth, rejuvenation … that which was apparently dead, ended,

CAN resurrect into new life. 

I re-affirm that, no matter what I feel like, there is a potential for renewal for me too.

So here’s a practical outcome [gee – practical – from cherry blossoms? My thinking mind is apparently wanting to participate in this post!]

Set a reminder [in a phone/calendar/on the fridge/something] to deliberately look for the beauty around. Our magnificent world offers many opportunities. What is available to you right now? What can you delight in as you turn your gaze around your world?


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May you find even more flourishing in your life!

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