Given ‘lemons’? 12 ways to stop sucking life’s lemons and make lemonade


When life gives us lemons, if we eat them directly – SOUR! SOUR!  Shudder.

If we want to enjoy our unique, special life,

Turn them into LEMONADE!  


  • take ‘lemons of life’
  • add sweetener
  • add bubbles

We don’t have to suck on the ‘lemon’ directly.

Change ‘life’s lemons’ into – not just ‘something nicer’ – but a delightful experience. With a little effort, we CAN change one into the other.

So, what do we do?


If your feelings aren’t clear, go sit/lie down somewhere quiet where it is easier to tune inside and notice your own reactions rather than the mass waves of emotion which can dominate a group of people. You already know how strong group emotion can be, from parties, to football crowds, to protests.

We are all different and react differently. You are the only one who can find your own reaction.

Is it shock? horror? fear? anger? outrage? indignation? annoyance? rejection? disbelief? blame? distress? depression? helpless? powerless?

Emotion which feels uncomfortable is energy flowing in a pattern we don’t like, often going round and round.


Step 2: Let’s move it to a better form, to release the pattern.


If you felt anger, outrage, indignation, annoyance – DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL such as

  •  ‘Pounding the pavement’ [running fast, hard, long], or
  • Visit the gym for a vigorous work-out, or swim vigorously
  • Find a punching bag and lay into it [fists, feet, whatever works for you! – just not your head!] until you exhaust the feeling
  • Use a pillow if a punching bag isn’t available! [just don’t use your friends or family!]
  • Visit a forest or mountain where you are alone and yell and yell and yell all the thoughts and feelings until you know its time to stop. [A psychiatrist friend used this one himself to release frustration]


If you felt shock, fear, horror, disbelief, frozen, depression, helpless – then different techniques work better.

  • Breathing longer, slower, deeper. This connects us back with ‘who we really are’ which is unaffected by the turbulence of the world around us. Here’s a short 2 min practice.
  • Walk in a forest or sit in a garden or go to the top of a mountain/ridge where you have a panoramic view and breathe in the wonderfulness of the world we live in – right at this moment. Keep doing so until you feel better.
  • Practice being in THIS moment now, … and now, … and now, … on and on, … in this moment, the present.
    Fear and its relations are about our mind imagining a future which is not nice, where we feel powerless, helpless.
    Take control of the part of mind which imagines these futures.
  • Re-balancing practices – such as alternate nostril breathing are very, very good here. Continue until you feel tranquil, energized, looking forward with confidence. Here’s a short 5 min practice – available to everyone, beginners and experts alike. Repeat until you feel better.
  • Meditation practices are good to do more of now.
  • Guided Relaxation practices can tune out the disturbing thoughts and tune in to our well-being. Then we can look for ways to move on in spite of the disturbance in the external world.  Here’s a 15 min deep relaxation [yoga nidra] practice – really helpful for stress release.
  • Repeat: “RIGHT NOW, deep inside myself, all is well, you are loved, you are safe, relax” – over and over until you do relax a bit more. Here’s more about it.


Do SOMETHING to move this energy pattern to a better one within yourself. Even if we can’t change the external, we can change our own internal experience.


My ‘why’ for this post:

I wrote these thoughts down when we watched world events unfolding and we saw [and felt] the great reaction of so many people – and we live on the other side of the world so can only imagine how strong its been for many of you.

This is my way to offer my support and help to any and all who are looking for something better.

These practices help. I hope you find one which works really well for you now.

Also, please share them with others you know who are distressed and maybe looking for ways to move through this time more easily.


Want more, different practices?
I’m making more guided practices [mostly meditation and yoga nidra deep relaxation] to help us live less stressful, more fulfilling, joyful lives.  It’s your right to live a life you enjoy and find fulfilling.

If you’d like to be notified when a new practice is released,  here’s a link for you to do so.

These practices have been used by thousands of people over many years – over and over again – they work! The key is finding the ones that work best for each of us at different times.


I do so hope some of these strategies help you turn the ‘lemons of life’ into  lemonade so you move through these disturbed times a bit more easily.

With hugs and much love


PS:  Here’s my simple lemons to lemonade‘ recipe using fruit from a real lemon tree



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