What is your focus – and why does it matter so very, very much?


Where we put our attention is a choice we can explore, work with, even control.

Every moment we can choose to look at some ‘thing’, and follow the thread of thoughts which our mind can pull up about that ‘thing’.

And, gee, can minds pull up lots and lots of thoughts we can associate with ‘thing’!  Ever noticed how far away from a starting ‘thing’ your mind has taken the thread of thoughts? If you follow it back, sometimes you can see a trigger.

Given this mind ability to link more and more, here is a question:

How much of your time do you focus on

interesting things that you love doing or you’re curious about,

and that you would like to have more of,

that lead you in a positive direction?


How much time do you focus on

 things you don’t like?

That frighten you, or you are angry about?

That you think are outrageous or you disapprove of?


What does the Universe respond to?

The focus!

Whether that’s positive or negative

It syncs with more of the same. 


Ever noticed ‘buy a red car and you see lots of similar cars’?  Law of attraction at work? Or are we just more observant because we have a new focus point – ‘a new red car’?


How can we use this insight in our lives?

If you are not really happy in your life at present, this offers a really juicy way to start to bring to yourself a life you’d prefer. It gives choices for where to put attention so you link more and more with things/experiences that you like and enjoy.


How often do you notice where your focus is turned?

Awareness is a key part! If we notice

  • our surroundings
  • our thoughts and
  • beliefs about them

then we start to take control of our options – we can choose a preferred option!

Worth a go I think!

Next we’ll look at ‘Why DO we do what we do? ‘  Such a huge effect on our lives, let’s explore a little – I love understanding more about the drivers and programming affecting me. What insights might it give you too? 

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