Rust to revitalized: insights from a compost bin!

Feeling rusty?

Here is a story about an unexpected revitalization, with a twist!


Some years ago we bought a rotating compost bin and put it together. It rotates around the middle, end over end – and makes great compost.



It did great service for many years until the angle pipe joining the frame at the top rusted out [circled in the photo below]. The bin was stuck on the ground, never to roll again. Sad!




So we checked on-line if we could buy a new part – just a little piece of pipe bent into an angle. Apparently it is only available as part of a kit for a whole new frame. Oh. [Lots $ – especially freighted internationally].

Then we asked local retailers if the part could be purchased.

  • 1 said only as part of the frame kit + their commission = $100’s Ouch.
  • So I asked an engineering works how much to make one? $100+.  Oh.
  • Then, despairingly, I asked another retailer and “no worries, think so. We’ll get back to you“. We wished very hard!

And they did! They called 2 days later saying “come and collect it“! We were stunned! Could it really be the right part?

So we zoomed in [not really expecting it could be true] and lo-and-behold – it was!! Woo hoo!

Thrilled no end!  Thank you big green shed!


And the icing on the cake?  I took out my wallet to pay and was told “no charge” – wow! They said it wasn’t supposed to fail. Amazed, thrilled.

Can you imagine my stunned look? And that I spontaneously offered a hug to the girl serving me [a total stranger]? Well, she had a huge grin too and we did have a hug – so that was pretty nice too.


So, the insight from this tale of a compost bin?


Keep trying and allowing the possibility of wonderful outcomes, no matter how many other avenues seem not to work. The outcome can be even better than you could have imagined!

Or: Keep believing in miracles – they do happen!


If you are feeling rusty in some way, keep looking from different perspectives and you never quite know how it may be resolved for you!


If you’d like to explore more about compost and our journey growing food gardens, visit our garden blog. It’s lots of fun too.


May you and your life flourish even more than you imagined possible!


Imagine my huge, big grin,





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