Storm or Silver-Lining?

sunset on clouds

Which part of you is seeing clouds in the sky?

The part that sees clouds as an impending storm with rain and lightning?

Focus - storm-clouds, rain, ligtningLeading on to discomfort, with consequences  of…..  being drenched? Floods? Land-slips? Snow storm? Power outage? Difficulties?



The part that sees the silver lining to the clouds?Focus - storm-cloud lining

Grandeur and beauty in the sky? With the life-giving rain nourishing the land and all living things?

The silver-lining bringing good outcomes.


Interesting isn’t it?

Which do you see most in

  • media you watch/read/listen to?
  • interactions you have with other people?


 What if you could choose HOW you see clouds?

Focus - stormclouds or lining - change perspective

4 ways to help shift from one view-point to another:

1.   Come back to ‘Here and Now’ – really notice the clouds themselves – the qualities of the clouds:

  • how dark/light
  • fast/slow
  • patchy/dense
  • shapes
  • texture

You are simply watching the clouds.


2.  Deliberately, consciously LOOK for a silver lining. Ask yourself “What could be a silver-lining to this cloud situation?” And what else…..? And what else…..?  Keep on looking.



3.  Shift the focus. Change from what is immediately apparent, to a longer view. A far-away  viewer sees a different perspective than seeing something ‘right at the end of your nose’!

Remember when you’ve seen clouds from above

  • pictures from a plane, space-station, mountain-top
  • your own experience of these
  • imagine your own private machine/bird/dragon flying you above the clouds
  • or whatever support works for your mind.

A longer distance opens up perspectives not visible with a first, quick glance and instant reaction. Like when we are crossing our eyes trying to see something on the end of our nose and then looking in a mirror to see the end of our nose instead.


4.  The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is a great help too –  as you look at a silver-lining, allow a feeling of gratitude to begin and grow stronger and stronger. How is that for you?

Notice where else this feeling of gratitude leads your mind. The heart is far stronger than the mind and can lead to seeing wonderful options – if you let it.

Then keep focusing to see more and more of the lovely lining until you feel gratitude for other possibilities in the situation not previously noticed.


Some final thoughts,

We do need to check for threats, yes. Our instant reaction from our survival instinct is important. Yet, is it the whole truth about clouds we see?

After noticing there is not an immediate threat to our survival, we can give ourselves space, perspective and choice.


Like an experiment? Try a ‘7-day-challenge to look for silver-linings’:

When you see your mind focusing more and more on the black cloud of a situation,

  • Expand your view and deliberately look for a silver-lining.
  • See how much you can expand its possibilities
  • Use the ‘attitude of gratitude’ until you look at the situation differently.

Note for yourself any changes/reflections afterwards.

Would you like A Daily Reminder for this experiment? Join the ‘7-day-challenge to look for silver-linings’ [It’s FREE]

Receive an email reminder with tips to support your journey as you consciously change the old pattern you have run for so long. It is so much nicer looking for silver-linings! Reminders help.


When trying something new, old patterns which we have run for many years, can often take over instead. Go easy on yourself and simply notice when this has occurred.

You are now back in awareness mode instead of automatic reaction mode. You are doing well – you noticed that your mind had reverted to an old pattern. Now you have the choice to change it.

This is a life-long exploration – see our old, learned patterns of reaction – and consciously change to respond in a way we would prefer now.

Welcome to conscious living!

It is actually the most wonderful exploration I have undertaken.


Take another step towards enjoying your unique life more – click the link and join the 7-day challenge now [a free gift for you!]


'7-day silver lining challenge Join now'


I hope you too enjoy this journey into discovering more about yourself as much as I have.

Here’s to your flourishing life!


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