Reminder to self – part 2

you are loved text2


I do know what it feels like to enjoy, feel relaxed, safe, at peace, loved – I do know!

This story is about a time when I noticed I wasn’t feeling like that and realized I could do something about it. I could change how I was feeling.

This time probably wasn’t the first time I felt like that – was it an unsafe feeling? Or even the first time that I’d noticed it.

Those other times I just tried to keep going, to distract myself, change the topic, or do something for someone else – you know how we do this, yes? Those kinds of things mostly worked out sort-of all right, but hadn’t really changed anything much inside me. That unsafe feeling would just keep coming back some other time.

This time however, was different.  I was ready to do something about it!

  • “I know I can feel better, and I’m ready to feel better.”
  • I want to use something quick and easy to change how I feel. The short quote repeated over and over – works really well for me

All is well, you are loved, you are safe, relax, enjoy

  • To just do/say something fairly simple, not that hard; and I don’t even need to believe it totally.

So, I use this short reminder quote to tell my body/mind/spirit complex that well-being is the basis of our world and all in it. I repeat it until my body/mind/spirit remembers it, and relaxes back out of hyper-alert, stressed mode.

I make it a priority to improve how I feel as I am the only one who can change my feelings. I know I respond more effectively in any situation when I feel balanced, calm, alert, energetic. These states occur when I feel good so changing how I feel is important to me.

I did wonder how come I needed to do this at all?

I found an old belief that bubbled up. From hidden down in my subconscious?  That the world is an unsafe place and I must protect myself to survive.

It pops up sometimes, so quickly! I have come to understand this is a learned belief. I now see that I have choices about what I believe and I see the world differently from that which I learnt in my childhood.

Beliefs are amazing – we form an understanding that something is ‘true’, then act as though it is. Yet, is it? Or has it been learnt? Is it changeable? Are we open to seeing from another way?

I now see 2 main ways to understand the world – or beliefs about the world: safe/unsafe

  1. Safe is based on well-being with a divine consciousness that flows wonderful creative, expansive energy, and of which we are a part.
  2. Unsafe is based on seeing the world as dangerous and we must protect ourselves to survive.

Which of these pops up from the unconscious when you are somewhere new, unfamiliar, in the unknown?

  • How much do you scan for threats? Or the ‘down-side’ of each situation which could give problems?
  • How much do you search for the wonderful expressions of our world, its contents and its people?
  • How much do you look for blessings in any experience? The ‘silver-lining’ of the black cloud?

Answers to these questions give insights into unconscious driving beliefs about the world around us.

How does your body/mind/spirit complex react to these questions?

  • Does it feel comfortable asking them of yourself? Or not?
  • Is there acceptance of an under-lying well-being? Or does this idea feel wrong? Or it just doesn’t ring true – even if you wish it was?
  • What thoughts pop into your mind?

Anyway, back to the story: I found that when I repeat this quote to myself, over and over [it might take a while], I do relax and I do feel better.

Could this work for you?

  • You will never know until you try it for yourself!
  • Does this particular quote work for you or is there a different one that relaxes your body/mind/spirit even better?

We are all different so finding what works for ourselves is a journey each of us takes – with help from all others who have found ways we can try.

Isn’t it interesting!

May you and your life flourish!


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