How’s your life juggling going?

juggling_01(1)If you imagine areas of your life are represented by balls, what are you juggling in your life?

  • friends and loves
  • family
  • other relationships
  • home
  • money
  • work
  • sport
  • hobbies
  • spirituality
  • community service
  • more?

Juggling balls, like life, don’t stay still for long:

  • Balls in the air = those you are currently juggling.
  • Balls on the ground represent areas you are not currently engaged with.
  • In between are those being dropped or picked up.

What labels would you give to the balls representing your life?

If you like to clarify further, download the PDF  and explore the helpful hints as you label the balls in your full-page picture. Add more balls as necessary.


Here are some questions for insight into finding the juggling act that works most easily for you:

  • How do I feel about juggling?
  • How much control do I have over these balls?
  • Which of these balls is fun to juggle?
  • Which of these balls has given me a headache?
  • Which of these balls would I like to drop if I could?
  • Which of these balls would I like to pick up?
  • What skills or changes to my life could make juggling easier?

Next steps:

Now looking over all this, I see that to make my life more pleasant and fulfilling I could:



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