Where on this see-saw do you sit today?


sea saw view of life LRight this moment, where do your eyes place you on this see-saw? 

  • From -10 to +10
  • What does this picture say to you?

I have been exploring further questions too and I’d like to share some with you. These questions have shown me how my view of the world colors what I see.

As you look around you right now, how bright or how dark is the world around you? Is your mind focused on the sun? Or mostly on storm clouds? 

How much is your mind seeing :

  • things to appreciate? 
  • opportunities for joyful exploration?
  • life and your surroundings as good, great, wonderful, terrific?
  • you joyfully, actively create a life you want?
  • you feel like dancing for joy!
  • you’re looking forward to a wonderful time with whatever you’re doing.
  • you expect things to work easily and well.
    Life is a +10!

Or, as you look around, do you see things that need fixing, difficulties to sort, problems?

Or does your mind see you like an action figure in a movie where difficulties and threatening situations arise, one after the other? Always on edge, scanning for threats to appear at any moment from any direction?

Or have you given up trying, depressed because there’s no point?

At the -10 end of the sea saw, we ‘just survive’.

At the center of the see-saw, there appears to be balance, ability to look in both directions equally.

  • To evaluate risk and opportunities.
  • To take some of the best from what life offers and find the balanced approach.

Or is it balancing competing demands on our time and resources?
Juggling many parts rather than enjoying life, seeing the shining sun?
Is this how you want to continue?

In different areas of life, we sometimes have different views, beliefs and expectations.
For example,

  • When you see storm clouds, do they mean inconvenience, threat, danger, destruction? Or you see them bringing life-giving rain?
  • When you are waiting, how often do you expect good news? Bad news?
  • How often do you carry an umbrella for protection from threatening weather, even when the sun is out?
  • In relation to your home [or potential home], how do you see the opportunities available to you?
  • How do you view your health? It is wonderful, getting better? Or worse? “Life is a down-hill slide”?
  • You see food and supplements etc as providing a great basis for a healthy, vibrant body? Or you eat certain foods, or take pills/stuff, to prevent bad conditions?
  • You ‘fill-in time’ in your days? Or feel bored? Or you are so engrossed in what you do that time flies?
  • How do you view money? Is there abundance, plenty for everything you want to do, or just enough? Or a shortage, never enough?
  • What sort of music have you been listening to lately? Joyful, happy? Sad? Angry? Which genre do you return to frequently?
  • Is ‘Murphy’s Law’ – where ‘if something can go wrong, it will’ – part of your life?

Our world-view colors our vision.
Bright or dark?
What’s the theme for your life overall?
And right now, this moment?

How would you prefer life?

What could you do to move along the see-saw to where you would prefer?

I found these questions gave me revealing insights into beliefs I held, or an unconscious mind-set I had developed. Once I saw the belief/mind-set I could then choose my response instead of running the automatic behavior.

Maybe you too might find value from similar reflections. If you are interested in more, have a look at the free star guide template to find and start to live a life you REALLY love.

May you and your life flourish! 


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