For you, the hero of your life story

lotusYou are the main actor in your life story. The star, the hero of your unique life story.

Isn’t it amazing that our apparently ordinary lives can be viewed as extraordinary heroes journeys?!  A different concept to me, so I thought I’d share some reflections about it.

There is no-one else exactly the same as you anywhere. Even identical twins have different experiences so have different life stories.

I used to think life was straight-forward. There are so many inputs from other people, media, society that give the ‘right way’ to live. How we ‘should’ act. Just follow the recipe and ‘do the right thing’ and happiness would follow. Recognize this idea?

Yet, no matter how much I tried, I wasn’t very happy. Things looked like the
y were working pretty well. I had material things. And at the time I felt some satisfaction or accomplishment from ‘doing the right things’. Life wasn’t unpleasant, but happy – not so much.

I think many of us are not happy in what we do, or have health issues. Is this the whole truth, or can life be joyful, interesting, fulfilling? Could it be so good that we bound out of bed in the morning for what the day might hold?  So here is a question for you: how happy are you in your life right now?

For me, many years ago, the hero of my life story [me] was prodded  awake, to stumble along a path gaining understanding and insight. When I actively chose to explore and learn, wow – what fun that is! This is my journey – to explore how I [and people] tick. To find what makes me happy. What I do for fun with no concern for the outcome – like writing this blog – I love drawing together different ideas into a new form!

To me, the hero’s journey is like the lotus which grows from its roots in the mud up through water to flower in the light. Your life journey can take you from

  • roots in the mud of all the ‘stuff’ of our world. Bogged down or stuck in details.
  • to grow through the water of life, exploring, learning, comparing, deciding
  • to flower in the light of joy and understanding of your special gifts and abilities. To live a fulfilling life in love and positivity.

lotus flower and leaves

The hero’s journey in many stories is similar I think:

  • The hero begins the journey, a seemingly ordinary person.
  • Faces challenges.
  • Grows and expands in skills, abilities and understanding
  • to master the challenges with the flowering of abilities they hadn’t realized they possessed.

Making sense of the story of life begins when we start looking. What has been your story so far?

  • When did you start to grow in understanding?
  • What have been triggers, or kick-started your search for understanding?
  • Where you explored your unique collection of abilities, or your contribution?
  • Or you explored what brings you joy? Or is fulfilling? Where you feel ‘in the zone’?
  • Where you clarified what supports you to thrive?

Looking back, there is a unique journey that life has taken each of us upon. Each time we have seen something we didn’t like, we more clearly identified what we do like and want. How can this idea be useful for you right now in your life?Lotus -no text 2_01

I’d love to hear your reflections on these questions. Do leave comments below.

In the following series, I’ll share some ways I find really helpful to explore these questions. Maybe some will bring insight and stream-line your journey too.

To the star, the hero in your journey of life!

May you and your life flourish.


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