How is the Personal Garden which is your life?

  • Your health – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual
  • All the people in your life – how you are treated and how you treat others
  • What you do – the work [paid or unpaid], recreation, hobbies, all activities
  • How you do it
  • The energy of money flowing in and out
  • The places you live, work and play


What sort of Personal Garden do you tend?

  • Is it vibrant and flourishing to support your well-being – body, mind and spirit?
  • Food forest garden 2014


  • Or a desert garden when you struggle to live? Where life is hard?
  • Stony ground, NZ


How satisfied are you with the Personal Garden around you now?
What would you like different?

A flourishing physical garden requires good soil and climate.  We

  • plant seeds that we want to grow
  • tend the small seedlings carefully

and are rewarded with strongly growing, thriving plants to bring us joy.


Our Personal Garden also requires attention for us to thrive with joy.

  • Good surroundings, appropriate for our unique being.
  • A gentle sun of appreciation and loving kindness.
  • Strong seeds of beliefs and interests, carefully tended to grow into activities and experiences we love doing, and do well.
  • Opportunities to be ‘In the Zone’ or ‘In the Flow’
  • Noticing what seeds we are planting – those we want or not.


If we continue doing what we’ve been doing we get more of what we’ve got

Is what you have now what you really want in your life? 

If “Yes” – congratulations!Stick figure - happy

If “No”, would you rather an abundant, flourishing Personal Garden supporting you to thrive?

No matter where you are, how your health is, your finances, or how your relationships are, at the core, under-pinning current experience, are beliefs which support your flourishing – or not.  How well are your beliefs supporting your flourishing life?

  • Is it time to reprogram?
  • To focus your attention far more on the parts of your Personal Garden which support your positive, flourishing life. Grow seeds which bring you joy.
  • To minimize attention to parts which don’t.

This is your life NOW! How do you REALLY want to live?


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