The Life I’d Love to Live, Crafting My Path, Part 4

A star to guide you to the life you'd love to live - pt 4 - craft the path

Welcome to part 4 of the journey to live the life you’d love!

Here we’ll look at how we can craft our path  and develop a way to live more of the life we wish.

 In part 1 we clarified who and what would be in the life we’d love to live.

In part 2 we found resources we could draw upon to get there.

In part 3 we looked at where we are now and showed ourselves the gap to where we would prefer.

So now – what steps can we take now to start living MORE of the life we wish?

Living this life has a lot of enjoyment in it, so the first way is to increase what we enjoy doing; to prioritize these, so we maximize our enjoyment factor.

If we minimize what drains us – including all the things we do because we ‘should’ do them – that allows more time for the things we enjoy.

There are many things we do well yet are pretty low in enjoyment, so if we moderate those and see who else might like to do them or what we really don’t need to do, we can make more time for that which we enjoy.

Our purpose can give meaning to our actions and activities. Without that connection, automatic pilot can take us along a road we have traveled before. For a more enjoyable road we can prioritize actions which support our purpose.  What is yours?

With all this information, we can craft goals. HOW can we

  • Maximise what we enjoy?
  • Minimise what drains us?
  • Moderate what we do well yet is low in enjoyment?


  • What specific actions can we take to maximize, minimize or moderate activities to prioritize our enjoyment factor?
  • What skills and resources do we need to develop?


These are the next steps in the journey of living the life you would love.

If you really are on this path, it’s easier to see these goals and to achieve them. Even easier than you imagine because you’re doing what you love and are happy spending time learning new things, practicing.

The outcome is of little consequence because you so enjoy doing the activities.

If you are ready to try an experiment following the guidance of your star to live the life you’d love, check out the video:

Then download the template here and re-run the video so you can pause after each question to reflect and add your responses on the star template.

Create a picture of your journey towards living the life you’d love with your specific steps.

As you consciously take these steps, reminders help us continue along this path. A picture is worth a thousand words so put your favorite star where it keeps helping you to the life you really want; somewhere visible in your home.

Somewhere you keep seeing it to help you to more easily remember to live it, even when other things arise in life.

Best wishes with your journey and

May you and your life flourish!

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