From Here to There, Part 3

A star to guide you to the Life You'd Love to Live - pt 3 - where am I now


Welcome to part 3 of the journey to live the life you’d love!


In Part 3, we’ll look at where we are now  and then we can develop a way to get to where we would prefer.

 In part 1 we clarified who and what would be in the life we’d love to live.

In part 2 we found resources we could draw upon to get there.


So now – where are we at present?

For each aspect of life, rate it from 0 [not at all] to 10 out of 10 [where you enjoy every minute] with your first impulse number – not thinking about it, just the first number that comes into your mind.

Record these numbers.

How much do I enjoy spending time with those around me?
  • At home, work, play, other
How much do I enjoy where I am – my surroundings?
  • My physical environment at home, work, play, other
How pleased am I with my health?
  • My physical body, mental states, emotional states, spiritual aspect, any other
How pleased am I with my abundance?
  • My finances, my possessions and material wealth, my surrounding
How much do I enjoy what I do?
  • At home, at work, in the community, with friends, with loved ones, with relatives
I know and I’m comfortable with why I do it
  • In all these situations


Now you have a list of numbers,

  • Download the template to show your unique star on one page. Or create your own similar star.
  • Use the numbers to mark the lines from the centre [0] of the star to the point [10] for each aspect


Create a picture representing the state of your current life compared to the life you’d love to live.

  • Notice where the points are on the lines.
  • If you wish, join them up to make an inner star showing how much you are right now living the life you would really love.

What does it look like?

  • Is it even or uneven?
  • Is it a vibrant large star or small?

What is the picture telling you?

Your thinking mind may want to rationalize this picture, change values, shape, and what it means.

If this happens, notice that too.

Keep the original values as they arose from some part of your mind, and, if you wish, also mark the revised values.


I found I had clarified important areas which were already good in my life.

And some areas to focus my attention differently if I was to live the life I wanted.

For a video review of part 3


So, how do we get from where we are to where we want to be?

The next step is to assemble ways to take you to the life you’d love using the resources from part 2 of this program. Your unique collection of tools and resources are the key to living more of the life you’d love.


May you and your life flourish!

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