6 resources for the life you’d REALLY love to live

A star to guide you to the Life You'd Love to Live - pt 2 - resources to get thereHow can I focus on creating something new, better in the busy life I already lead?

Could I use resources, support and skills I already have?

These feel to me like a strong foundation on which a dream can grow.

For myself, I saw 6 main areas where I could draw strength and resources to live the life I wanted. I had just assumed many of them so they had  been unrecognized, and unappreciated for the important part they could play. I’d like to share some thoughts and a picture which I created  for myself.  Maybe they can form a resource for you too!

First I looked at

1. Values and beliefs I hold 

  • They give a basis from which we make decisions, whether consciously or not
  • It can take time to find them – and I found it to be a wonderful journey of personal discovery
  • I tried an experiment – to notice what I judge – both good and bad. These show what I value and what I believe to be true/not. I could choose to explore the belief, how it affects my life and how true it really is, or if I have learnt it. You may like to run this experiment too

Or to find out more about your own values and beliefs, there are many lists of possible options to explore, such as

  How important is each value or belief to me?

  • One way to look at this is to imagine giving one up – what could you NOT live well without?
  • Then compare two values or beliefs at a time and order them from most important to least

I found the question ‘what could you NOT live well without?’ really helped clarify my key values. I can now prioritize them over the other aspects of my life to live more fully the life I want.


2. Strengths of character

  • The inner strengths that we take for granted, things we do easily and well.
  • There are many and finding the ones which give us the strength to express ‘who we are’ can be a lovely journey of exploration.
  • We are each unique so no-one  else knows us as well as we can know ourselves – when we look.

I was interested that the VIAcharacter.org research found 24 character strengths were valued world-wide and  cross-culturally. Then there are many others related to what we do and how we do it. Altogether a fascinating way to view these parts of my make-up.


3. Interests and enthusiasm

  • that draw me forward
  • that I love to do for no other reason than they interest me and I enjoy them so much

These are a huge part of living the life I love.

What are yours?


4. What skills and abilities can I draw upon?

  • I find I have many skills and abilities
  • I acquired them through formal training, informal education [e.g most of my computer skills!], trial and error, ‘doing’, practicing, watching others
  • They are from different areas of life – teaching, learning, analyzing, researching, managing finances, administering programs; relationships with significant others and acquaintances, raising kids, cooperating in teams; creating, baking cakes, cleaning up afterwards,  growing food gardens, making compost, moving house. And more!

What are yours?


5. Resources and assets we can also draw on to take us to the life we’d love to live

  • Material things, physical assets, money, connections with people, health, knowledge, and more


6. My purpose – why I am here in this world doing what I do

  • For me, this has changed over the years as I moved from a learning phase in the early years, to a teaching phase, to raising a family, to later finding meaning in my life in different ways.

What is relevant for you now, in this time of your life, or as 1 phase passes and another is arising?


Overall, I found I had a lot of resources I could draw on to live the life I wanted. It gave me a broader understanding of the support available to me.


If you really want to live the life you’d love,

Check out the 3 minute video of ‘The Star to Guide You to the Life You’d Love to Live Part 2‘ here:


Then download the template and re-run the video so you can pause after each question to reflect and fill in your responses on the star template.

Add any ideas/answers/thoughts about each question – the first that arise – a personal brainstorm.

Create a picture of the resources and attributes available to you to move towards living the life you’d love.

If you like to reflect more, take time and then add these extra ideas/thoughts too.


Now notice what a unique, beautiful, expansive star it is.

  • With so many attribute and resources you can draw upon to live the life you’d love
  • This picture gives you a way to open the door to many tools and strategies

Take a moment to notice which stands out for you right now.


Next we will look at the current situation and then assemble options to move towards living the life you’d love to live.


May you and your life flourish!

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