What could the life you’d REALLY love to live look like?

Let’s explore using a star to guide us.

A star to guide you to the Life You'd Love to Live - pt1

After many changes in my life, I now look for a ‘better place or feeling’ each time I see change happening – be it the new year, or role in life or anything else.

I find it easier to look at different parts of life one at a time:

  • Who would I be with?
  • Where would I be?
  • My health?
  • My abundance?
  • What would I be doing?
  • Why do it?

Answering these questions gives me clues to what I REALLY like and want to have in my life. Now I can choose what I like over other opportunities that arise.  As I do so, I take new steps along a path of the life I’d love to live, one choice after another.

I now realize that it’s a real joy to me when people suddenly understand something – they ‘light up’ – and this thread has run through times of teaching and learning in different areas:

  • at Uni where I studied and taught about living systems in biology
  • sharing our explorations in home food gardening
  • raising children
  • teaching meditation, yoga and personal growth

Reflecting on these 6 questions helps me understand what’s special about my life and gives me energy and direction going forward. I love it when a revelation pops up in my mind.

What might your answers to these 6 questions and your stories show? Is now a time when you too can benefit by clarifying the life you’d really love to live so you too can walk its path?

Check out the 3 minute video of ‘The Star to Guide You to the Life You’d Love to Live’ here:

To create your unique star guide, download the PDF template.  Fill in your responses to these 6 questions and start on the best years of your life now.


Next post, we’ll look at ways to move easily towards this life you’d love to live.

May you and your life flourish!

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