The story of the little lettuce that “could”

In early spring I picked seed-heads from last years lettuce crop and scattered the mixed seeds throughout the garden. They grew and grew. Very large, vibrant oak-leaf lettuce
We have eaten wonderful salads from these lettuces for weeks  – red and green, many varieties – frilly, oak-leaf, etc.
All this time some small green oak-leaf type lettuces seemed insignificant, less appealing, left behind.
And now, much later than all the rest, they are suddenly growing  happily, vibrant, so many leaves for us to eat!
The other lettuces are bolting to seed as the weather warms up. Yet this green oak-leaf type lettuce is holding strongly, creating wonderful salad at a time when other lettuces are less appealing.

mixed lettuceIsn’t it wonderful how one sowing of seeds gave some lettuces quickly and these little ones maturing later, wanted different conditions to thrive? I nearly pulled out the small, struggling seedlings weeks ago, to replace them as they seemed so unsuccessful at the time.
I could have said the seeds were not as good as the rest.

I  have judged them as less appealing until now.

The transformation into a large, vibrant lettuce has taken a long time [as lettuces go]. It’s just what we need now. I’m glad I left them!

It’s all in the timing.

Same in our lives, some things have their time early and others come to their best much later.

As times change in your life, what is now looking more interesting? Maybe potentially thriving, abundant? Maybe even successful when previously seen as impossible?

Maybe the little lettuce that “could” shows an example that there are new, flourishing options yet to come to their prime in your life.

May you and your life flourish!

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