What strengths can I use to enhance my life?

Ever wanted an easier way to do something you felt like you HAD to do which was a struggle? Sometimes we can ease the way by bringing some of our other strengths to help [yes, strengths come in a huge range]

VIA character strengths can include things we do easily so take them for granted.

At www.VIAcharacter.org anyone can learn more about their own character strengths. There are 24 validated cross-culturally and are said to be valued world-wide. There are cognitive strengths, wisdom and knowledge, courage, interpersonal strengths, those that underlie healthy community life, strengths that protect against excess and ones that forge connections to the larger universe and provide meaning to life.

I found it useful to see myself through this lens – it gave me a different perspective on myself. What valuable strengths do you have to draw on?


Another great resource I found is “The strengths book” by Alex Linley, Janet Willars and Robert Biswar-Diener

You are exceptional. But do you always realise it? Realise your strengths and you’ll be realising the best of you.Do you want to be confident, successful, and sustainably happy? Do you want to achieve your goals and enjoy better…


Other strengths we can draw upon include our skills and abilities in diverse areas.

There are many other explorers of strengths now.  For more information, google it or check out:


For validated workplace strengths tools, the Center for Applied Positive Psychology [CAPP]  http://www.capp.co/Home  developed the ‘R2’ system – I found it excellent, with a really good perspective.

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