Need solutions to knotty problems? Try this

When solutions elude you, bring other parts of your brain and mind to help find great options you hadn’t considered. When you draw on memories not directly associated with the problem, together with apparently unrelated information and intuition you can get leaps of understanding.

How do you bring these other circuits into play?alternative ways to have great thoughts and solutions

  • First, get into different physical space – away from screens, work environment with all its associated mental programming.
  • Then turn the thinking mind to another channel away from repeated mulling of problems – e.g. guided meditation, or counting your breaths, or playing musical instruments, or physical exercise, or household chores or gardening – what works for you?

Problems and solutions are opposite poles so when we release focus on the problem we allow space for solutions to arise.

There’s a story about the ancient wise sage, Archimedes, relaxing in the bath and suddenly shouting ‘Eureka’ as the answer to a tricky problem came to him. Maybe you’ve noticed good ideas have come to you in the bath or shower?

Relaxation can also recharge body and mind – you can care for body and mind as well as working effectively!

How does your thinking mind see this image could be related to work? Is it in alignment with your beliefs around work? Or not? How could you experiment with different models of work and problem-solving to find effective ways for you?

Next time you have a knotty problem to solve and it is not easy, consider trying alternative ways to activate other parts of your mind to help you. Allow opportunity for inspiration to arise.

Here’s to your solutions!

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