A unique commute?


bicycle on beach, NZ
Bicycle on a beach beside the waves, New Zealand 2014. Photo by Heather Powell


Could this be you going to and from?

How would you travel in your unique way to wherever you are going?

For me, this is one definition of freedom:

  • fulfilling a desire to experience sunset over a tranquil beach,
  • reveling in the glorious ability to ride a bicycle beside gently lapping waves,
  • space abounds
  • unfettered by ‘shoulds’
  • the person is comfortable in themselves to do what they wanted, how they wanted
  • one individual and the ocean; one moment in time.

What does this image say to you?


How do you feel when you see this scene?


Interesting isn’t it?

What if you brought more of this into your life?

How does that sound? Exciting? Challenging?

Do you feel ready?

Is this the time?

If it is, what’s one thing you can do to take a step towards your dreams?

I’d love to know your thoughts and possible steps – do comment below – these are conversations well worth having.

To your flourishing life