Which part of me am I listening to?

Maybe there’s an event or meeting or a game coming up.Brain right left

Does it feel exciting or scary?
Part of me says “this could be threatening – there’s a big risk here“.
Another part says – “this could be interesting-something new.
Maybe even a 3rd part says “there’s something for me here.” Maybe its intuition?
When listening to the first voice, I feel scared, heart racing – the classic stress response starts in my body and mind; my gut feels like it ties in a knot. “This might be painful.”  Body is gearing up big time to protect me.

128px-mind-clip-art-1739478When listening to the 2nd part, I feel different – excited, I start to think of new possibilities, new connections. This could be good, even great. My body’s relaxed; maybe ‘butterflies” of excited anticipation in my gut? My mind is alert in a different way.

When listening to the 3rd part – it’s kind of quieter, more peaceful. If it was a visitor, its knock on the door is not as loud as the others.

Next time one of these ‘challenges’ comes along, or you might have one now – what do you hear and see?
All 3 parts? or just 1? or 2? or more?

Which would you prefer to listen to? How do we choose?

First is to recognize our many facets! Then we can learn and understand the needs of each. What does the protective part need to feel “this is OK“? How can I give the part of me which likes excitement that experience at the same time? Can I listen to the intuitive part and trust it guides me well?

When we understand these parts of our nature, then we can choose a response we prefer.

How about you? Do you recognize/understand any of these parts in yourself? Do you feel you can choose which one to pay attention to?

Or did you already know which part to pay attention to, and when? How is that working out?

Would you like more tools to give you more choice in this? I’d be interested in your feedback.