Which eyes do we see through?

red stem silver-beet going to seed Vibrant ‘bright lights’ silver-beets and lettuce are stretching upwards to flower and seed.
Which eyes do I see this through?

  • The immediate needs of my ‘foodie’ self who wants leaves to eat and these are now past their best so rip them out?
  • Or the eyes of the long-term food gardener wanting seeds to plant next year?
  • Or the permaculture gardener thrilled with the nectar and pollen food source for many bees and other beneficial insects?
  • Or the landscape designer in me who delights in the tall stately structures and vibrant colors?
  • Or the artist who would love to immortalize the moment in a painting? (if I had such skills; I can dream)
  • Or the appreciator of the beauty (‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ )

lettuce going to seed Which eyes am I seeing through?
Which would I prefer?

Which would you prefer?