2 minute Recharge MP3

Wonderful – you prioritized your well-being and are here for a recharge relaxation practice! Cherry blossom - a promise of renewal

You deserve to feel vital, enthusiastic, full of life.

Here is an MP3 audio you can use often – even better than coffee!

Add it to your phone home-screen so you can recharge in 2 minutes whenever you wish.

To listen to the audio:

[Audio may take a second to start]

2 minute Recharge: Download here 


right-click [Windows] or ctrl-click [Mac] and select ‘save file as’



Research shows great benefit with frequent, quick recharges during the day – far higher well-being than saving up to recharge on the weekend. Whenever you feel low is a good time to listen and recharge.

When could you use this audio to serve you best?

I’d love to hear how you use this technique, do let me know below!