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As the lotus grows from mud up through water to flower in the light, your life journey can take you from now to understanding and joy.

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Such an interesting question!  ?? Is it because we LOVE WHAT WE ARE DOING?  We are Curious, intrigued, fascinated? Enjoying simple pleasures of life? (including food, movement) Engaged in something with ALL our attention – in ‘flow’ or in ‘the zone’, inspired Really ‘present’ in each moment as it unfolds; and the next, and the next… Read More

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As the cycle of the year draws towards completion is a great time to notice highlights.  They can give great insights to steer the course of your life.    Did your year FLOW SMOOTHLY? or in UNEXPECTED DIRECTIONS?  ? What have been the HIGHS for you? ?   What OPPORTUNITIES have you seen? – whether you picked them… Read More

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